Through the Eyes of Seven Series


Siren Logs: Sound of COVID-19

Siren logs from my home in Queens. I live next to the bridge and tunnel. I hear the increasing number of sirens screaming at my ear day and night. I never had such a sensory overloaded experience towards any other medical emergency like COVID-19 in New York City. You can hear COVID-19, 24/7.

As a spouse of a physician who treats coronavirus patients in the COVID-19 team, my concern for my husband is deepend. Is there going to be enough PPE for him, I wonder. His colleagues are getting infected. My husband is looking into life insurance and downloading Will Maker. The image of the giant grave for the hundreds of COVID corps haunts me. I wake up from a nightmare again. It’s 3:30am. I can’t fall back asleep. I hear another siren going off. To calm myself down, I try to turn the sound of COVID-19 into a logging project. I keep myself busy by helping my first grader with Remote Learning. I talk to my friends on FaceTime. I feel a bit better.

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