Nuclear Family Project

Nuclear Family Series

Photo, 2004 – 2013 //

Nuclear Family photo video project is a social commentary on a new suburban neighborhood where babies are expected to be seen in every household. As a young married couple, the artist and her husband pose around their home in suburbia with their imaginary silhouette baby.

The artist has lived most of her life in urban settings. In the second year of their marriage, they moved into their first house in a suburban neighborhood with young families where babies were spotted everywhere. Their family and friends asked when they were going to have little ones. In response, Nuclear Family series was conceived as a season’s greeting card. As the artist learned to live a suburban life, she captured the moments working around the house to create their new home.

These captured images of two individuals working together to build one new physical dwelling transcend into building a new identity as one unit. The silhouette baby symbolizes the conflict and conformity in a suburban setting.

Backyard Project

2006, video, 6min 31sec, audio component: yes //

Backyard Project is an extension of the Nuclear Family photographic series. The video is composed of approximately 100 documented photographs of the artist and her husband building a gazebo in their backyard with an imaginary silhouetted baby over a month period.

Video excerpt from the Backyard Project

Scenes from Backyard Project