Orange City

Orange City Video, 2 min 57 sec., © 2023 Video by January Yoon Cho
(Music: Sad Cinematic Piano – AShamaluevMusic. Music Link:

“Orange City,” captures the dreamy orange glow enveloping the New York cityscape in June, 2023. This distinct hue was a consequence of the smoke emanating from numerous wildfires raging in Canada. The smoke had traveled all the way to the East Coast of the United States. The deteriorating air quality prompted New York City authorities to issue a health advisory warning to stay indoors. Before picking up my child from the school bus, I went to the Gantry State Park on the East River in my neighborhood to document the surreal scenes of an apocalyptic atmosphere through my lens. The discomfort of my irritated eyes and a sore throat persisted for days until a subsequent rain washed away the lingering odors of burning wood. The impact of climate change has emerged as the most formidable threat to our way of life.