Hair Project

photo & video, 2007 //

Hair project is a performance project on video and photo installation.


Video, 3min 33sec, Audio component: yes, 2007

The juxtaposed videos in Haircut show the artist having a long shoulder length hair cut down to the same length of hair as her husband’s. The physical transformation of haircut reflects the assimilation of individual identity into that of the marriage.

Excerpt from Haircut

Scenes from Haircut

Hair in the Box

Photographs (digital c-print) in two shadow boxes with hair, 2007, 11 3/4 x 14 3/4 x 2 7/8 inches (29.9 x 35.6 x 7.3 cm)/ each panel, Edition of 2

Hair in the Box contains the photographs of the couple getting haircut along with their hair in the shadow boxes.

Hair in the Box

Installation View

Austin Museum of Art

Austin Museum of Art